Check demand for your new business idea in the market

Learning from customers is key to building a successful business. But doing so can take a lot of time. With Heatcheck you can build quality surveys in no-time and get the insights you need to make your business fly.

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Why designing good surveys is hard but crucial 

No worries, Heatcheck is there to help you

Surveys take a lot of time to get right

There are many moving parts to a survey: The order of the questions, the rating system, the phrasing & words themselves.. Nailing that takes time!

The way you ask makes or breaks a survey

Vague questions, unclear words, and unprecise ratings: These can all lead to everything but the results you were looking for.

Wrong data is dangerous for your business

You don't want to find out later that you based your business on the wrong conclusions, having already invested too much.

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Heatcheck gives you the right survey in three simple steps

Yes, it can be that simple!

1. Answer some questions about your customers and the solution you have in mind

HeatCheck will ask you out about your ideas, and make sure your survey addresses all the important details for your business.

2. Refine your survey & add extra follow-up questions

After the initial setup HeatCheck will generate a survey, which you can tweak and add extra questions to depending upon your needs. We include a list of questions that might just get you the information or contact details you need!

3. Send out the survey with any tool you like and start gathering data

After everything is said and done, HeatCheck will get you a format that you can use in any tool. So you can send out your survey in no-time and start gathering the results you need!

Made by customer development experts who built businesses themselves

Brant travels the globe speaking with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs about how to discover and create new value; about empowering individuals to make the change they want to see in the world.

Brant Cooper is the New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur.

Founder, Moves the Needle

Bob teaches and guides founders and intrapreneurs on how to test their new business ideas effectively, build their strategy and navigate the challenges of starting up. 

Next to training them on skills, he focuses on teaching them how to think and act like a founder: bias for action, obsessive customer focus, strategy.

Founder and CEO, Firmhouse

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Frequently asked question

What are you doing with the information I'm providing about my new business idea?

We understand that new ideas are always fragile and you're hesitant to tell the world about. Let alone to complete strangers on the internet. We promise to only use your input to generate the survey. We're currently building a business ourselves, so we would be too busy anyways to act on any other idea. If you're really hesitant about telling us about your project we recommend you change some small details about your idea when answering questions about it. You will own the survey that comes out of HeatCheck, so you will be able to make changes to it afterwards.  

How much does this cost? Why is this free?

We're currently offering HeatCheck for free. What you currently see is only a small part of our vision for HeatCheck. There are many plans to monetize this and make it into something much bigger. But for now we decided to offer this service for free in order to validate its value.

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Let's get started right now 

Your ideal survey to check your new business idea is just a few clicks away.  You answer some questions about your project and we'll get to it. 

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